Jack & Junior's November 1999
Jamaica Photo Gallery


Beaches Negril

You should also read this very interesting narrated tour from Montego Bay to Negril by Margaret Morris.

View of the water on the road from Negril to Montego Bay

Westmoreland Parish

Entering Green Island
Can you guess where this is?

Click on the road sign for a closer look.

Fishing boats in Green Island Harbour.

Hanover Parish.

View of the water near Cousin's Cove new Lucea (Capital of Hanover).
Entering Lucea (also known as Esher).
Sir Alexander Bustamante Square in Lucea.

Named after Jamaica's first elected Prime Minister.

Midday traffic in Lucea.
Esso is still ESSO in Jamaica (and most everywhere else except the U.S.).
Yard.... as in dwelling "yard".

One of our favorite photos.

Storage tanks holding molasses for National Rums, LTD.

There were no taps that we could get to.

Mountains near mosquito Cove.
Jamaican mall in Mosquito Cove, specializing in cold drinks and beef patties.
Cows following rules of the road. Stay to the left! No passing when there's oncoming traffic!
Lush hillside.
Sandy Bay.
Real Jamaican men wear briefs. Jockey has a plant here in Sandy Bay.
It's amazing that any of these shots came out. The road between Negril and Mobay is a mess. This picture shows the construction that will build a new highway within six months. Good luck.
The original road and the new "superhighway" under construction.
Nice neighborhood near Hopewell.
Narrow roads, sharp turns, and large trucks. Prepare for the ride with a couple of Red Stripes (passengers only, of course)
Our "postcard shot" of Montego Bay from Reading.
About to cross over Great River.
The bridge over Great River, separating St. James and Hanover.
Coke is to the U.S. as Ting is to Jamaica. Delicious, and made from real Jamaican grapefruit.
Police cruiser in Montego Bay. Don't refer to these guys as "Babylon". Ever.