Jack & Junior's
Jamaican Vacation
Photo Gallery


Sunset in Montego Bay
The carton was labeled "Cow's Milk". This is because you can get quite a variety of milks from other animals unless you specify that you want "Cow's Milk".
Jamaica's weather is remarkable in the sense that in never actually rains there. In this photo, you can see areas of "liquid sunshine" over the inland mountains.
This is a view of the Caribbean from the beach where the famous "Dunn's River Falls" flow. We stood there for a few minutes and admired what could easily be a postard or even an oil painting.
Dunn's River Falls. We actually climbed the entire way to the top. Everyone is supposed to hold hands for support, but Junior and I were too manly for that ;) and made it up safely with our own superior balance.

The Pork Pit Bar & Grill
Jamaican Jerk... Reggae Style

This is where Jack & Junior nyamed off two full baskets of jerk pork and beef and (unknown) bokkles of Red Stripe. Mmmmm.

Choose an audio button to hear a recording made in Montego Bay late evening January 16, 1998. These musical creatures are common throughout the Caribbean and provide a soothing chorus that helps lull you off to sleep. You can also hear a surprised cart operator as he comes across our tape recorder!

Views from the hills
overlooking Mobay

Storm over the mountains

Photos from our road trip

Entering "Anchovy"

The local "Carwash"

Photos of Croydon

Roadside domiciles