Jack & Junior's March 2000
Jamaica Photo Gallery


Sandals Montego bay

The March 2000 gallery is divided into three parts. The first (03/29/00) is from our trip to an ostrich park near Lacovia on the south coast. The second (03/30/00) is from our trip to Martha Brae, a great place for rafting. The third is from our last day. Jarrett the cab driver took us for a drive to help get our minds off of having to leave in a few hours.

March 2000 Photos Part I: The trip to Lacovia. ***********************

View of Montego Bay
Far up in the hills of Montpelier (elev ~ 1500) is a natural spring called "Blue Hole". Divers went down over 100' and didn't reach the bottom. Years ago, the National Water Commission installed a series of electric pumps, but each one failed. Rumor has it that a mermaid in Blue Hole sabatoged the pumps. Today, the water flows naturally downhill to a pumping station.
Gloria, Barney, Joan, and Horace stand at the top of another natural spring just down the hill from Blue Hole. "Cool Runnings" water comes from this spring which is carefully protected environmentally. The spring water is collected and filtered for purity then bottled almost immediately.

Want to learn more about Cool Runnings? Visit them on the web at http://www.coolrunningswater.com

A home in Montpelier.
A home in Montpelier.
St. Mary's Anglican Church. It is said that Father Tony Effey adheres to a rigid schedule. A body was to be buried promptly at 4pm, but the corpse hadn't arrived. The service proceeded and concluded on schedule, and he instructed that the corpse would be buried "whenever it arrived".
Pasture near Haddo.
Homes on the hills of Whithorn.
Homes on the hills of Whithorn.
ESSO station at the intersection of 88 and A2 near the south coast.
Our crew. Not everyone should sing along to Bob Marley cassettes.
Can you guess where we are? Click on the sign for a better view.
Can you guess where we are now? Click on the sign for a better view.
Plains near the Black River area. Jamaica hadn't had much rain (liquid sunshine) for quite some time, thus the browning of the land.
Large bamboo grows over the road near Holland. This part of the road is called "Bamboo Avenue". This beautiful scene lasted for almost a mile.
A church along the road to Lacovia.
Cashoo Ostrich Park in Lacovia. We rode through the park and learned about ostriches.

Well that's not all we did!

There's an alligator named Waldo in this picture. Where's Waldo?

Actually, I don't know why we were antagonizing the alligators by following them up the river. Did you know they can run as fast as 35 mph on land? It's all we could think about.

A busy roadside market on the return trip. Everything from fish to candy was available. Prices varied depending on your haggling skills. We were near a town called "Border" as it is located on the border between Westmoreland and St. Elizabeth parishes. Locals refer to the town as "Scotts Cove Park".
BPCA Radio station. We didn't get to stop in, but it's the big thing on the dial in Bluefield Hills (even if they don't carry The World Reggae Show).
A classic Jack Slater photo. He claims this was a breathtaking sunset. We call it "Sunset on Planet Zokbiff".
This was the photo that would bring Jack millions in royalties and a career in photography. Hey Jack! You get what you pay for when you use a $20 camera!
Home in a very hilly area. The view they had *was* what the above photo should have been. Try to use your imagination.
This shot was a lot more remarkable in real life.

March 2000 Photos Part II: The trip to Martha Brae. ***********************

Home along the road (Queen's Highway, A1) from Mobay to Falmouth.
The north coast near Falmouth.
View of the Martha Brae river. You can ride a guided raft for two here and view the beautiful scenery around the river.
Downtown Falmouth.
A craft stand.
Everyone was screaming about a roadside shanty with an internet address on it. Meanwhile, Jack was snapping this shot.

I guess this is funny, too. Click the sign to read it better.

Lunch inna yard.
There were only good intentions when this shot was taken.
This was taken only moments later.

We need a new camera.

March 2000 Photos Part II: The last day. ***********************

Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay.
Government housing financed by the National Housing Trust.
Barnett Street, the main street in Mobay.
Canterbury, considered the "worst" part of Montego Bay, ("poorest" would be a finer term). Despite being the "have nots", the inhabitants are peaceful and down to earth. This is our favorite shot of the trip as it signifies a group of people who maintain their dignity despite conditions ("Jamaica Kin Teet"). Distant reggae music from a sound system could be heard in the breeze. We lingered here for some time.
Remarkable view of Montego Bay from Richmond Hill (a hotel). This was taken from a terrace at the hotel. You can dine here as well, although it is said that the view far surpasses the cuisine.
Burchell memorial Church (1824) on Market Street in Mobay. Samuel Sharpe was a Deacon here.
We make every effort to point out this sign to friends and co-workers who come down with us. "This is where you'll stay if you cause problems". Actually, it's a jerk-style restaurant that's been closed for some time. We don't mention this, of course.
Our *least* favorite shot. This is absolutely the LAST chance to run for it and try to make it over the metal wire fence surrounding the airport.