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I've got the top rankin' sound,
Going to mash the town.
So gather the people from around,
Get them to rock to the sound.....

~ Jacob Miller

  • InterNetwork Broadcasting's reggae program turns 10

    Did you know that our first internet broadcast "aired" at 2:50pm EDT on May 24, 1996? InterNetwork Broadcasting's "Radio 1" channel was born. The early technology of webcasting didn't sound very good, but it was new and exciting and it was amazing to get emails from a internet listening audience around the world in these early days of internet broadcasting!

    InterNetwork Broadcasting needed a program to demonstrate our netcasting system and created "The World Request Show" with Jack Slater, a variety music program that featured a mix of Top 40, Rock & Roll, and Alternative requests from listeners in a growing number of countries that had internet service. It was decided that the show would air live each week beginning on Monday July 29, 1996 at 3pm (Eastern U.S.). Other days and times were tried and the show eventually moved to Tuesday nights at 9pm (Eastern U.S.) where it remains today.

    It was quickly learned that the songs that were played might have been unique for the internet, but they were very common on radio stations worldwide. It was novel to hear them on a computer, but it was still easier to hear them on a radio. It was then decided that something more unique should be featured and the transition to reggae music began on August 26. This is when Junior Dub joined our team.

    The reaction was incredible! A huge number of emails began to arrive from reggae music fans around the world saying how they enjoyed this unique program. It wasn't as easy to find this popular style of music on regular radio stations and now it was on a channel that could be heard anywhere there was internet access.

    As the years passed, the show was refined, the music library grew, and to describe the program better, The "World Request Show" was renamed "The World Reggae Show" on January 5, 1999. On December 16, 2003, The World Reggae Show moved to it's own internet domain at www.reggaeshow.com.

  • Reggae Singer Interviews

    We attended the Ocean State Reggae Festival and had the opportunity to catch up with some legends of reggae music! Take a listen as Jack Slater interviews these classic singers: King Yellowman ||| Keith Itals Porter ||| Mikey Dread

  • "New 'chune'?!? Hey Jack, this song isn't new!"

    Yeah, we hear it all the time. The World Reggae Show features a few new releases each week, but that doesn't mean that they are new songs. There's a lot of great reggae out there, but unless it's on a freshly released CD, it can be hard to find. Sure, there are (really) new songs coming out all the time, but occasionally, you might hear an old familiar song that's been included in a compilation along with newly recorded songs.

    The main goal of The World Reggae Show is to introduce reggae to an audience that might not know much about the music beyond Bob Marley (see Message From Junior Dub). In many cases, these re-released songs are "new" to our listeners and since the record companies have chosen to put them on a new CD, they can also be found in music stores! Great news for great songs!

  • Regarding "versions", they were typically the instrumental version of a song that was recorded on the "B" side of 45 rpm records (and we play those, too). Until the 1980s, most reggae records came with the version on the back. Some songs, particularly on 12" singles, would include the version as an extension of the original song or add it as additional tracks on the same side. "Versions" could also mean the same song redone by another artist. "Dubs" are more elaborate "versions" that include additional effects or instrumentation and frequently, the vocal track may be brought back in certain parts.

  • During a visit to Jamaica, we were fortunate to meet Joan Andrea Hutchinson, a dynamic speaker and fascinating person. Ms. Hutchinson is well known throughout Jamaica and has an extensive list of accomplishments in the areas of public speaking, entertaining, and social commentary. We invite all our listeners to visit a new page on the site called "Jamaica Kin Teet". What does that mean? Click on the saying and find out!

We'll be updating this page with new info as we get it.
As always, thanks for listening.

It go so.

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