About Us:

Junior Dub, our Head Selector for whom the site is named, is a Jamaican national who picks the tunes, mixes the mixes, and dubs the dubs. For spiritual and religious reasons, Junior prefers not to speak "on the air" nor have his likeness on the site. But he does want to promote reggae to the world and thus was born "Junior Dub's Irie Reggae Music Page". Junior's reggae favorites are the roots and carry spiritual or social themes (example: Every Man Has The Right - Cultural Roots).

Jack Slater, who has been collecting reggae music for over 20 years, does the talking. Despite his Top-40 style of announcing the songs, Jack wants to be a reggae DJ. Sometimes he'll even try out his patois during the show (you can hear Junior laughing off-mic if you listen carefully). Still, he loves everything about the music and cherishes his occasional visits to Jamaica where he is referred to as a Jamerican Ambassador. Jack's reggae favorites are usually the classics or lover's rock (example: Queen Majesty - The Techniques).

Together, Junior and Jack make an interesting pair as well as best friends. Their complimentary styles in reggae music allow the site and the live shows to offer a wide variety of music. Both are thankful to their friends in the reggae music and radio businesses for guidance and support.

Junior Dub and Jack Slater couldn't be happier sharing their reggae collections by netcasting worldwide on the web and always welcome comments and suggestions from visitors.